Expert Property Development Consultants

About AYR International

AYR International is a multi-disciplinary real estate development group providing comprehensive consultancy services to landowners, investors and property developers in Australia, Asia and Africa.

AYR was started by Ron Forlee, architect, developer, author who has now turned mentor using over 40-years of industry experience. Our mission is to educate the next generation of developers to create sustainable environments for future generations.

AYR has the knowledge, expertise and alliances to provide an all-inclusive advisory service to property developers. We provide innovative development strategies – our process of comprehensive research and planning at the start coupled with creative financing solutions allow us to deliver effective design solutions to suit all development types and budgets.

We believe successful property developments are based these principles:

  • Thorough research
  • Analytical strategies
  • Innovative architecture
  • Creative financing
  • Efficient and coordinated project delivery
  • Attention to detail

Some of AYR International Property Development Projects

Our Team

Our team of property development consultants have specialised skills from residential to commercial property development, infrastructure, planning and design and financing. Our ability to efficiently coordinate planning and building processes enables us to manage the most complex projects, ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved for our clients, partners and the community.

Ron Forlee


Managing Director / Mentor

AYR International was started by Architect, Developer and Author, Ron Forlee, in 2003. Having authored several books on property development, he has been invited worldwide to provide development expertise to several commercial projects. Being an architect and a developer, he saw a growing need for providing professional development services for fledgling developers and institutions that lacked fundamental knowledge and expertise in the high-risk world of property development. Ron has a wealth of expertise and leads our team of property development consultants and advisors.

abhijat sinha


Senior Project Leader & Advisor

Abhijat has a Masters in Architecture and Diploma of Project Management with over 25 years of diverse international experience, making him a valuable member of our team of property development consultants and advisors. He has successfully handled projects from concept design to completion and possesses excellent problem solving and coordination skills. He combines his architectural and project management experience to effectively handle project delivery.


Business Development Advisor

Todd develops and motivates teams to exceed targets and embrace change. He is a motivational speaker with a 33-year background in construction management overseeing multi-million dollar construction projects, from mega yachts to environmental projects for government and private clients, managing film crews, residential and commercial construction, vessel construction & renewable energy. Todd is an extreme sports enthusiast, a world champion snowboarder, has climbed some of the worlds highest mountains, raced cars, bikes and explored the extremities of this planet.

Markus Flynn


Development Advisor

Markus brings over eight years of property development consultants experience to AYR. From a young age, he has been involved in the property business. Markus has a background in project management and commercial law. He is passionate about property and believes that ongoing education and training is vitally important to be successful in property development. Markus is an approachable and professional development strategy expert, whom looks forward to the opportunity to assist you with your project needs.

Anton Flynn


Development Advisor

Anton has worked in construction and client-side project management roles on various domestic and commercial projects during his career. ​ He has been focusing on small lot subdivision projects over the last few years and brings extensive expertise about the building process, cost estimating and works scheduling in this area. Anton has a pragmatic and proactive approach as a residential property development consultant. He has become a valuable development management asset for our team. With his extensive experience, he mentors others in his field of expertise.

Charisse Forlee


Business Coordinator / Design Consultant

Charisse graduated from RMIT University in Interior Design and Decoration, accredited by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). Charisse has been in the building industry for over 6 years, working in Victoria throughout the duration of her studies as well as after completion. She then returned to Western Australia to join AYR International’s sister company Archiplan. Working alongside AYR International over the years, Charisse has a great understanding of the design processes that go into creating a sound development both in commercial & residential.


Lance Boucat

I’d like to tell you about someone who has helped our company with our property development & property development management service and who is available to offer your business the same level of expertise. Ron Forlee owner at AYR International Pty Ltd is always professional and knowledgeable. His 40 years’ experience in property development, architecture and managing his own property development company is of benefit to whoever meets Ron. He is also an author of three property books that are a manual to any budding property developer.

Lance Boucat
George Bakrnchev

From the father and son team at At Ruuhm – Artful Living – whose mission is to create liveable works of art. As our boutique Bayside Melbourne company grows, so do our strategies and networks. One of those strategies is to create a ‘unique team’, and one of our unique team members is Ron Forlee (Advisor), who we have been able to incorporate into our property development business, thereby controlling growth, wealth and overall sustainability.

George Bakrnchev
Eng Chye Lau

I have known Ron over the years through various projects collaboration. Ron is a passionate businessman who has much enthusiasm for his work and a never-say-die attitude. His vast experience and emotional intelligence helped much in negotiation phases of various projects working with him.

Eng-Chye Lau
Georges Baptista

Ron’s communication and development management skills are second to none and each of his business requirements is extremely well thought and documented with a clear objective which makes our work easy to develop and implement. With such qualities as professional, ethical, reliable and knowledgeable, working with Ron is always an enriching and positive professional experience!

Georges Baptista