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Residential Property Development Training Course

For professionals with specific interest in residential development. Learn to understand the key drivers of the varied residential market and how to develop a product that will sell to the intended market.

Anybody with cash behind them can start a residential development but mistakes can be made if you do not have the knowledge and practical experience. Under this program, various types of residential projects from a duplex to a multi-storey apartment are analysed so that you can gain an understanding of each residential class together with its risks and rewards.

What you will learn

  • How to be a step ahead in the residential development market
  • The laws of supply and demand in the residential market and its effect on value
  • How to analyse the trends and movement in the residential market
  • How to undertake a viability analysis before committing to purchase a site
  • How start small a project then advance to a larger one over time
  • What are the key drivers that will make buyers want your product over the competition
  • How to spread your risk and maximise your profits
  • How to profit from residential developments with less competition

Included in this course

  • Comprehensive written information plus over 7 hours of video training materials on a wide range of topics about commercial property development
  • View the first lesson for free to see how lessons are structured and the depth of information supplied
  • Access to our members only forum where you can ask questions, share challenges and learn from others

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