development management

Development Management


For advanced professionals wanting to start a career in development management. This program will provide you with the tools on how to operate a development company and manage multiple projects.

After you have completed or have acquired knowledge of the previous four programs, you should be confident enough in dealing with all aspects of property development in both residential and commercial. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to manage developments for a group of investors or act as a development manager for a large corporation.


  • How to act as a professional and successful development manager

  • How to operate your own business as a development manager

  • How to analyse and structure feasibility studies

  • How to create information memorandums

  • How to structure your fees for various projects

  • How to structure performance fees

  • How to structure legal agreements

  • How to manage and lead a development team

  • How to manage consultants and contractors

  • How to deal with critical development matters

Course Contents

  • A career in development management

  • Development manager’s role

  • Professional profile

  • Pre-appointment

  • Fee structure

  • Managing consultants

  • Reference to Calculations

  • Development tools

  • Contracts and contractors

  • Agreements

  • Development models

  • Notes & References