property development process

Principals & Processes of Property Development


For beginners and entrepreneurs wanting to become a property developer, this training program provides a comprehensive overview of the property development industry.

This training course is ideally suited for those who would like to learn about the process and principles of property development in detail. It provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the property development process combined with the practical skills required to work effectively in the property development industry.


  • How the various roles within the property sector interact

  • The roles of various professionals and how they can assist you

  • How to select a profitable development site

  • How negotiate with the landowner for the best price and terms

  • How to perform a feasibility study and not lose money

  • How to access the best finance your project

  • How to select a credible builder

  • How to smartly mitigate risk

  • How to best market or lease your project

Course Contents

  • Overview of real estate development

  • Roles and responsibilities of a developer

  • The development processes

  • Selecting a development team

  • Raising development finance

  • Benefits, risk & risk management

  • Site and building selection

  • Site negotiation and purchasing

  • Making the numbers work

  • The development approval process

  • Contractors, tenders and contracts

  • Marketing selling and leasing