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After the launch of my first book, An Intelligent Guide to Australian Property Development published in 2004 by Wrightbooks (John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd), I was constantly asked by my readers if I could be their mentor. At that time, due to my workload in running an architectural practice and a property development management company, there wasn’t enough time in the day to provide individual property development mentoring. The requests for mentoring continued to rise after publication of my next two books, An Intelligent Guide to Australian Property Development in 2008 and Australian Residential Property Development for Investors in 2014. With my international travel working on projects in Asia and Africa I just couldn’t devote the necessary time to these requests.

I have now decided to fulfill the demand for property development mentoring and created five staged property development training programs based on my industry knowledge and expertise spanning over 40 years. These programs have been designed for those who would like to establish a career in property development or would like to learn more about property development. These training programs start with understanding the underlying principles and process of property development, residential and commercial property development to development strategies and development management.

Our training programs teach you how to be successful in property development and provide you with the tools to operate a successful property development company.

The message under these mentoring programs is that a career in property development can reap handsome profits in line with the risks undertaken. However, in doing so it is important that developers understand that they are the decision makers in creating the urban fabric and built form we live in. Therefore, their developments should be sustainable both environmentally and operationally, not only for the present but for future generations as well.

The format of these programs has been designed so that they can be accessed online for those in remote locations or who do not have the time to attend a workshop training course. The workshop training courses are for a maximum of 10 attendees and presented to stimulate discussion for faster learning. All programs are provided with easy to read hard copy text as a reference library with access to our trained consultants to answer any queries or clarification in areas that are not understood.

With the aim of providing these training programs to a broader spectrum of interested people, these programs have been assigned to my company AYR International Pty Ltd where there are several development managers who have been selected and educated to provide professional assistance and guidance in the field of property development.

I do hope that these training programs provide you with the knowledge and necessary tools to tackle the exciting world of property development. Should you have any queries or like to know more about our programs please send me a message.

Ron Forlee

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Our team has a wealth of expertise across a range of fields. We offer training & mentoring in a workshop environment or via access online. All training programs include comprehensive instructional workbooks, presentations and personal assistance with specific assignments, and are delivered in three different formats.

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