property development straegies

Property Development Strategies


For advanced professionals wanting to apply multiple strategies to developments. Learn how to identify unique opportunities in real estate development and to implement smart development strategies.

Property development is about creative strategies from financing, design, partnerships to structuring a development that provides a win for all. If you have a good grasp of the challenges involved in property development and looking for solutions, this program will teach you how to overcome them.


  • How to think creatively and strategically

  • How to start your own development syndicate

  • How to minimise your cash input into a project

  • How to structure the best development funds for your project

  • How to create a passive income producing property portfolio

  • How to manage and control budgets and increase profits

  • How to use smart technologies to your advantage

  • How cooperative developments can work in your favour

  • How block-chain technology will improve future developments

Course Contents

  • Development Syndicates

  • Developing with minimal cash

  • Passive income development strategies

  • Development funding options

  • Development cost control strategies

  • Smart technology strategies

  • Development Cooperatives

  • Blockchain in property development