The founder of AYR International Pty Ltd, Ron Forlee (architect, developer and author) has created mentorship & training programs for aspiring and professional property developers based on the demand from his readers. Through 5 well-structured programs, Ron and his team of professional experts provide you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to tackle the complex property development industry. You will get to understand, analyse and find property development opportunities.

property development process
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Principles & Processes of Property Development

For novices and entrepreneurs wanting to be a property developer. This program provides a comprehensive overview of property development and the practical skills required to work effectively in the industry.

residential property development
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Residential Property Development

For professionals with specific interest in residential development. Learn to understand the key drivers of the varied residential market and how to develop a product that will sell to the intended market.

commercial property development
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Commercial Property Development

For professionals with specific interest in commercial development. This program teaches you about the risk and rewards of commercial property and how to take advantage of development opportunities.

property development straegies
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Property Development Strategies

For advanced professionals wanting to apply multiple strategies to developments. Learn how to identify unique opportunities in real estate development and to implement smart development strategies.

development management
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Development Management

For advanced professionals wanting to start a career in development management. This program will provide you with the tools on how to operate a development company and manage multiple projects.


Gain practical knowledge on how to be a well-grounded and successful property developer.

Get the knowledge you’ve been searching for with our property development training courses. Our training and mentoring programs offer workshops that include principles and processes, development strategies and management. All AYR training & mentorship includes comprehensive instructional workbooks, presentations and personal assistance with specific assignments.


  • Emerging Property Developers & Entrepreneurs

  • Builders & General Contractors

  • Professional Consultants (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc.)

  • Real Estate Lawyers & Accountants

  • Construction Project Managers

  • Property Owners

  • Landowners & Investors

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Finance Consultants

  • Investment & Fund Managers

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