residential property development

Residential Property Development


For professionals with specific interest in residential development. Learn to understand the key drivers of the varied residential market and how to develop a product that will sell to the intended market.

Anybody with cash behind them can start a residential development but mistakes can be made if you do not have the knowledge and practical experience. Under this program, various types of residential projects from a duplex to a multi-storey apartment are analysed so that you can gain an understanding of each residential class together with its risks and rewards.


  • How to be a step ahead in the residential development market

  • The laws of supply and demand in the residential market and its effect on value

  • How to analyse the trends and movement in the residential market

  • How to undertake a viability analysis before committing to purchase a site

  • How start small a project then advance to a larger one over time

  • What are the key drivers that will make buyers want your product over the competition

  • How to spread your risk and maximise your profits

  • How to profit from residential developments with less competition

Course Contents

  • Why residential property?

  • Understanding the residential market

  • Low density residential developments

  • Medium density residential developments

  • High density residential developments

  • Senior’s accommodation developments

  • Student housing developments

  • Future trends in residential developments